Old £1 coins to stop becoming legal tender: What happens to them and how can you spend them?

Get rid of them by October 15th!

The old £1 coins stop becoming legal tender on Sunday!

That means shops and supermarkets can stop accepting them, leaving you with a big wad of coins that are basically worthless.

The Royal Mint introduced the new £1 coin in March 2017 to crack down on fakes. It was estimated 1 in 30 round £1 coins were not real.

About 1.2 billion of the old coins have been returned so far, but an estimated 500 million are still in circulation.

From 16 October, the round £1 coin will be fully replaced by the 12-sided version.

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If you’re handed an old £1 coin at school or at the sweet shop, you should ask for a newer one instead.

Old £1 coins can be taken to a bank after the deadline, where they will swap them for new ones.

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The old £1 coins will be melted down and recycled. That’s similar to what happens with old bank notes too!

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