How old is Disneyland? The theme park celebrates its 62nd birthday and we have photos of it being built!

The theme park first opened in July 1955!

Disneyland Park is 62 years old this month! The theme park first opened in Anaheim in California on July 17th 1955.

Walt Disney got the idea after visiting loads of theme parks with his kids and he thought there should be a Disney themed one.

Originally, he wanted the theme park to be next to his studios but the space was far too small.

So he purchased a load of land and got building! Check out these cool shots of Disneyland being built!

There are now six Disneyland theme parks across the world but Disneyland Park is the only one Walt Disney himself helped build.

The theme park has expanded a lot since it was first built and is hardly recognisable from what it used to be.

Despite being called the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, the first day was actually really stressful…

Nearly every ride broke down, there were epic traffic jams, fake tickets, food shortages, and a lack of water on a really, really hot day!

Luckily for Walt Disney he managed to turn things around. Now over 750 million people have visited a Disneyland Resort.

That’s almost 10% of the entire planet…

Once Disney knew his theme park would be popular, work began on creating a hotel. It’s built on an orange grove across the street.

Just over one year after the opening of Disneyland Park, the hotel opened too!

Check out the video below from Disneyland Park’s opening day and the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean a few years later.

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