One Direction DO get annoyed with each other. But they can’t stay annoyed for long. They’re like brothers!

One Dee

There’s been loads of news stories at the moment saying that One Direction are falling out because “Harry wants a more mature sound” for the band, and the other lads disagree.

Liam Payne’s already said that the guys aren’t arguing and recently Louis Tomlinson got involved too. Louis said that some of the boys in the band do fall out, but “find it difficult to stay annoyed with each other, which is a good thing…Like, if one of the guys did something to annoy me, and in my head I was thinking, ‘right, to prove a point to him, I’m going to really have to stay annoyed for so long’ I just can’t do it.”

That’s the spirit Louis! We can’t lose One Direction because Harry used your socks to put on a puppet show. That’s just silly.

Louis 1

So, the latest updated – 1D do fall out, but only for about 6 seconds.

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