One Direction’s Liam Payne protects Australian fans from snakes on tour!

Koala One Direction

The One Direction lads are in Australia at the moment on their world tour and the fans over there are ridiculously excited about getting some 1D time!

They were waiting in a field round the back of the hotel that the lads were staying in to try and get a glimpse.

Now in the UK this would be fine, you’d just get rained on quite a lot. In Australia there is another thing to think about – snakes!

Luckily Liam Payne spotted the gigantic sign that said “SNAKE HABITAT – TURN AROUND”, so tweeted the fans to get out the field to be safe.

That’s great thinking Liam. The only problem was that no one listened so he had to tweet again.

Luckily no one came across the snakes. They’d probably heard One Direction were in the hotel, so slithered in to try and find them.

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