Playmobil characters are showing up in surprising scenes around Bristol!

They appear on the 75 bus route...

Bus journeys are being brightened up in Bristol by an anonymous artist!

Hundreds of Playmobil characters have been showing up around the place in funny little scenarios.

The characters are appearing on the top of bus stops from Stokes Croft to the Memorial Stadium.

Bristol is well-known for its street-art. The city is home to Banksy whose work you can see dotted around the place!

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To see the little creations, you’ll need to be on the top-deck of the bus.

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It’s unclear whether the characters are part of a story but some people think the scenes are important bits of Bristol’s history.

The one below is supposed to be a reference to some riots in 2011.

Alison who is 26 said:

I was on the 75 bus going home from work when, as we paused at a bus stop in Stokes Croft, I heard the children in front of me begin shrieking. I looked beside me and discovered a small assembly of Playmobil people holding a meeting on top of the bus stop’s shelter.

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