Playmobil pirate ship launched by brothers Ollie and Harry sails 390 miles from Peterhead, Scotland to Scandinavia!

The toy boat visited Denmark and Sweden before being found in Norway!

A Playmobil pirate ship belonging to brothers Ollie and Harry Ferguson has travelled hundreds of miles from Scotland to Scandinavia!

Eight-year-old Ollie and five-year-old Harry decided to send their toy boat on a real-life adventure and see where it eventually turned up.

They launched the ship into the waters at Peterhead in Aberdeenshire back in May. Since then, it’s travelled 390 miles across the North Sea to Denmark and Sweden before being found floating off the coast of Norway!

The ship was named Adventure and it comes with a handwritten message from the boys asking anyone who finds it to send them a picture then help the boat get back into the sea.

At the ship’s first stop in Denmark it was spotted by a family.

Luckily, the lady who found it owned a boat herself so she put some new sails on Adventure before sending it on its way.

Next, it then sailed to Sweden, where it ended up in a tree, and then travelled on to Norway where it was picked up by some very confused nature officials!

The story has attracted lots of media attention in the country and the brothers have even appeared on Norwegian telly!

Adventure was adapted slightly so that it was ready to tackle the choppy North Sea.

With the help of dad MacNeill Ferguson, Ollie and Harry added a counterweight to help it stay upright and filled the inside with polystyrene to help it stay afloat.

The family then tested the ship in a local swimming pool first before the big launch.

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Dad MacNeill told The Press Association: “Everyone that has picked it up has been really kind and sent us photos and looked after it. People are really getting into the spirit of it.

“I was concerned that the currents along the coast would take it down the north-east coast of Scotland, so I was over the moon when it made a beeline for Scandinavia.”

“The boys have enjoyed it and every time we get a message telling us where it has landed we get on the computer and work out where it went.”

The mission to launch a Playmobil pirate ship is one of 500 adventures on a bucket list the brothers are currently working their way through.

They’ve completed 207 adventures so far, including sending LEGO figures into space and making tea from snow. Other items on the bucket list include going troll hunting and building a waterslide.

As for Adventure, it’s journey isn’t over just yet…

The captain of a large Norwegian sailing boat called the Christian Radich has offered to take the pirate ship with the crew on their journey to Columbia!

“It would be too hard for it to get out of the Norwegian currents so they’re going to launch it into the waters once they reach the Cape Verde off the north west coast of Africa,” said dad MacNeill.

It will then have the chance to sail thousands of miles across the Atlantic – who knows where it will end up next!?

You can find more photos and follow Adventure’s journey on the family’s Facebook page ‘The days are just packed’. Remember, you have to be at least 13 years old to use Facebook.

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