Pokemon GO is out now in the UK!

Download it from Google Play and the App store now!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

We’ve had to watch and wait and twiddle our thumbs while people in America, Australia and just about everywhere got to have all the fun…

But now it’s our turn!

Pokemon Go has FINALLY been released in the UK!

If you’re not already in the know then here’s how it works…

The app uses the GPS location in your phone to let you roam around and catch Pokemon which you can train and battle.


Pokemon Go uses real world maps so all of the gyms and Pokestops (places you can collect free items) you visit are real life landmarks!

The main aim is to catch Pokemon (obvs) which pop up all the while you’re walking around with the app open and complete the Pokedex!

Click here to get the app for iOS!

Click here to get the app for Android!

Finishing the Pokedex isn’t going to be easy, there are 150 Pokemon to find out there in the wild and you’ll have to venture far and wide to be the very best.

Good luck, trainers!


Check out the trailer for Pokemon Go below…

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