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Make It Pop is a brand new Nickelodeon show about three girls who form a pop group!logo-150x150 

The show follows Jodi, Sun Hi and Corki who form a pop group whilst at boarding school!

We caught up with the girls from Make it Pop to talk about singing, fashion and friendship!


I love fashion, just like Jodi!

If someone looks good they feel good. Jodi inspires me – I’ve been learning from her!


If I was a pop star, I would be Jessie J!

I really love her. She’s just so cool and I totally love her style.


My fave episode is called Eggs.

It’s my favourite because it’s big on comedy and everyone has their time to shine in this episode.


My school was nothing like Mackendrick Prep!

I hope not, anyway! There was definitely no-one mean like Valerie and Heather. I spent most of my time in the dance studio when I was in school.

Sun Hi

Sun Hi has the best hairstyles ever!

Everyday I would talk with the hair and makeup stylist and we would pick out a look for her from lots of different K-Pop looks.


We’re quite similar in real life.

She’s enthusiastic, driven and passionate, which I identify with. But she’s also very over-the-top and extremely confident.


Which pop band would I be in?

I can’t choose! But I love Little Mix, their song Wings is awesome so maybe them!


I’d love to burst into song all the time

Just like Sun Hi does! I would wake up in the morning and sing about eating my breakfast cereal!


Me and Corki love performing.

I think one of our biggest similarities. Also, I grew up moving around a lot – I’ve lived in seven different countries!


And I can play some instruments too

I play a little cello and piano!


Who would I like to duet with?

It’s a tie between Rihanna, Jessie J and Elton John.


The cast are really close friends.

We hang out after work a lot! Megan was away from her family during Christmas so she joined my family celebrations.  And of course, we sang Christmas songs together!

Make It Pop! starts Monday 20 July, 6pm on Nickelodeon 

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