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If you love the idea of having adventures with your friends, then make sure you watch Poppy Cat. She’s a very special cat that makes everyday adventures extraordinary!

PC-with-LogoThe TV show is based on the award-winning book series by Lara Jones, which has sold over 2.5 million copies aross the world!

The Poppy Cat TV series is a celebration of adventure as Poppy Cat and her friends embark on fanciful journeys through fantastical lands. Told with humour and great heart, these stories are great to give children an idea of their own potential for imaginative play and creativity.

You can watch Poppy Cat every day on Nick Jr and every Saturday and Sunday on ITV1 and CITV.

PC_LOGO[1]If you want to find out more and have fun with Poppy Cat visit www.poppycat.com

Parents can also become a fan of Poppy Cat on Facebook or follow Poppy Cat on Twitter.


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