Psy announces his follow up to Gangnam Style – Gentleman

Psy 1

Gangnam Style genius Psy has announced that he’s coming back with a brand new tune!

It’s going to be called ‘Gentleman’ and feature another awesome dance too.

PSY 2Psy said “I can’t tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance – but [those in] other countries haven’t seen it”.

Psy also told us that the new song will be revealed on April 12th with a live performance going down on April 13th!

His original hit was a gigantic YouTube success and racked up over a billion views! We’ll have to wait to see if ‘Gentleman’ can do as well.

Do you think it will be as awesome as Gangnam Style? Let us know in the comment box below.

If we like it, we’ll be playing Psy’s new tune on Fun Kids. Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK to catch it.

And here’s our Harry Styles remix we did of Gangnam Style…

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