Rainbow loom dress is being sold for £150,000!


How much would you love a rainbow loom dress? Enough that you’d pay £150,000 for one?

No, us neither!

That’s how much a dress made entirely from the colourful bands is selling for on auction site eBay! The user ‘helenwright72’ weaved together the rubber loops by hand and is now selling it for loads of money!

There’s still four more days for people to bid so it could go for even more!

The advert says it’s made to fit girls age between four and six but we think you might grow out of it fairly quickly!

To show you just how much £150,000 is, for the same amount of money you could buy this house in Manchester right now:


And you’d still have change to spare!

We wonder how much it’ll sell for when the auction closes on Tuesday – could it go for a million pounds?

Check out these awesome rainbow loom bracelet tutorials here!

Would you spend that much money on a rainbow loom dress? Let us know in the comments below.

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