Rastamouse Album Announced!

rastamouseA little while ago you may remember we played for the first time on radio Ice Popp from little known Rastamouse.

Well, since then Rastamouse has grown to become a massive celebrity – his show on CBeebies is hugely popular and the music-making, skateboarding crime fighter is set to play live at Glastonbury and release his first album!

Now, that’s what we call a busy mouse!

Rastamouse‘s album Makin’ A Bad Ting Good goes on sale on 4th July, with his second single Hot Hot Hot coming out on 26th June.

Check out a bit of the new song below!

And for all you Rastamouse fans, we’ve got some exciting news – you can be in the video for Hot Hot Hot!

Upload your videos of you dancing to rastamouse.com and the best video will win this one-off opportunitiy!

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