SatelLife Competition 2020: Can you think of an idea for a satellite?

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The SatelLife Competition is back again!

They’re looking for proposals that could use data collected from space to help our daily life, such as growing new businesses, improving health services or tackling climate change.

Winning ideas from last year’s competition included tracking abandoned shopping trolleys, fighting crime with drones and designing a mobile app to locate public toilets.

Satellites support the economy and everyday life, and this competition gives young people the chance to test their ideas with space experts.

Last year’s individual winner Lowena Hull, an A-Level student from Portsmouth, has continued to develop her idea to track abandoned supermarket trolleys using satellites and has secured a meeting with a major supermarket chain later this month!

The competition is open to those aged 11+ and split into three age groups.

The competition closes on 3 March 2020.

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