Scientists discover new dinosaur – the Deinocheirus mirificusone!

Yep, we’ve no idea how to pronounce that either!


There’s a new dinosaur in town – and it’s pretty goofy-looking!

Scientists have cleverly pieced together what the Deinocheirus mirificusone (ey?!) looked like – a hump-backed creature that roamed the earth 70 million years ago!

A few years ago, they discovered a bunch of skeletons in the Mongolian Gobi desert (one which has some yucky, digested fish in its belly) and have finally worked out what they were from!

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Goofy Deino (we’ve given him a bit of a nickname) was as tall as a London bus, had two 8ft long arms and was about 36ft in length! Woah!

We think it kinda looks like Jar Jar Binks, off of Star Wars, or maybe an evil Barney?

Don’t worry though, there’s no chance of Goofy Deino coming back to life any time soon… we think…


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