Scotland votes ‘no’ to independence!

Result means Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom!


Scotland has voted ‘no’ to independence after millions of voters wanted to stay in the United Kingdom.

Voters took to the polls yesterday to answer the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Ballot papers were counted throughout the night across the country and the result of the referendum announced just after 6am this morning.


55% of voters responded ‘no’ while only 45% voted ‘yes’ for independence. The result meant victory for the ‘Better Together’ campaign – the people who wanted things to stay the same.

The turnout (the percentage of those able to vote who did vote) was the biggest in recent memory – a huge 84.6%.

First Minister Alex Salmond, the leader of the ‘Yes’ campaign who wanted Scotland to become independent, said he ‘accepted’ defeat but called on David Cameron to deliver his promise for greater powers to be given to the Scottish Parliament.


The Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech outside Downing Street this morning where he confirmed there would be a “new and fair settlement” for not just Scotland but England, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom since 1707 which is why the vote was such a big moment for the country and the UK as a whole.

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The referendum will also go down in history for being the first time young people aged 16 and 17 were allowed to vote in a national election.

Many now believe talks will open to discuss 16 and 17 year-olds being allowed to vote in future General Elections too.

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