Sean explores Comic Con with Lucy Saxon


Lucy Saxon Take Back the SkiesLast week Sean set off to Comic Con to meet the exciting new author, Lucy Saxon!

Lucy has written the new fantasy adventure, Take Back the Skies, all about a girl called Cat who is determined to escape a father and government she despises and ends up stowing away on a skyship called Stormdancer.

What she ends up doing is spark of a series of events that will not just change her but the entire world!

For a sneak peak click here to read the first chapter!

Take Back the Skies is out on 5th June โ€“ click here to find out more and get your copy!

As well as talking about the book, Lucy took Sean around ComicCon to show the sort of things that have inspired her.

She also told us about Cosplay โ€“ where people dress up as characters like Iron Man and Harry Potter โ€“ and gave her top three Cosplay tips!

Watch the video below!

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