Skylanders Spyro’s Universe


Out now is Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, a cool game merges the world of toys and video games as you actually use real-life toys and bring them to life in the game using the ‘Portal of Power’!

Skylanders_GENERIC_Starter_Pack_Packshot_3DAnd continuing the adventure is Skylanders Spyro’s Universe, an online multiplayer game for you and your friends.

You can partner with your mates as you explore endless floating islands. You can create your own Skylands, visit your friends’ Skylands as you chat with them in real-time!

And at any apoint you can transport to The Mainland or your Lair to check on your Skylanders, prepare for battle, play mini-games and more.

You’ve got to be careful though, because there is still evil in Skylands Spyro’s Universe, and with the Skylands constantly under attack it’s up to you to battle back pirates, rogues and evil minions!

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You don’t need the game to get started, so if you want to get involved head to