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Soon it’s back to school and back to normal bed-times, so make your final sleepover of the summer one to remember and try these silly challenges!

Eat a packet of crisps without making a single crunch noise! How long did you last?

Say a sentence while brushing your teeth and see if your friends can repeat it!

Stand on one leg and see how much of your favourite Meghan Trainor song you can sing.

Use a straw to pick out Maltesers from a bowl and put them into another bowl without dropping them. How many did you get?

Close your eyes and name ten objects in the bedroom.

WARNING: Messy! Do this outside! Put lipstick on your friend using your feet, instead of your hands.

Do an impression of a teacher. If your friends guess right, do a victory dance around the bedroom!

Pick up a random object and pretend you’re advertising it on TV!

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