Slug Watch!

Spanish Slug PredatorScientists need your help tracking the spread of a slug threatening to eat its way through all our gardens and crops!

Known as the Spanish slug, it’s pretty tough – able to survive many slug pellets and it reproduces in even greater numbers. Which is a problem because it has a massive appetite, eating up crops normally spared by our native slugs.

They even eat dead animals and poo!

To help stop the Spanish slug in its slimy tracks, all you need to do is visit and let them know:

1. Number of slugs seen

2. Locations where slugs have been seen

3. What you have seen slugs eating

4. Any predators of the slugs

5. Recent temperature/general weather

If you can take photos too then even better!

The Slug Watch website is full of tips on where to look for slugs and they’ve even got instructions on how to build a slug trap!

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