Your smartphone could soon project 3D holograms!

What is a hologram and how do they work?

The new iPhone may be able to do some really cool stuff, but it can’t do this yet!

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Your smartphone could soon project holograms, letting you play games and browse things like Maps in amazing 3D!

A team of researchers from Australia’s RMIT University and the Beijing Institute of Technology has been able to clone some Ironman-like tech…

To understand why this is amazing, we first need to know a little about how holograms work…

A hologram is made using lasers because all the light waves are the same size and bend the same way.

To create a hologram, one laser beam is divided into two identical beams with the help of a special lens. When the two laser beams meet, they create what is called an interference pattern. That’s recorded on to film to create the 3D illusion!

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Current hologram technology is somewhat limiting because the film has to have the same thickness as the light’s wavelength. As a result, it is too thick to incorporate into phones.

However, scientists have managed to create a hologram film 1,000 times thinner than a single strand of human hair! This means you can add it to a phone and holograms can be observed from different angles without special goggles…

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