Sonic The Hedgehog and Harry Potter to appear in LEGO Dimensions?

Say it's true!

It’s a pretty good time to be a LEGO fan…

There’s a LEGO Batman movie on the way!

Plus the LEGO Force Awakens game is arriving this month!

Let’s make it a hattrick of all things LEGO to look forward to shall we?

There are loads of rumours about who will feature on the next character update for LEGO Dimensions.

If you’re not sure what LEGO Dimensions is, click here to check out our very own N60Sean unboxing and playing the game!

It’s a lot like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, so you can buy characters to add to the Dimensions universe.

LEGO have decided it’s just about time to throw a load more into the game and they are going to announce The Powerpuff Girls, Harry Potter, Sonic The Hedgehog, Adventure Time characters and loads more too!

Here’s the typically awesome LEGO Dimensions trailer…

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”1070842″]

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