Spain holds world’s largest food fight, La Tomatina!

It's held every year in Bunol, Spain.

Every year thousands of people visit Buñol in Spain to take part in La Tomatina, which is the world’s largest food fight!

Visitors throw almost 100,000 kilograms of over-ripe tomatoes at each other over the course of an hour.

It works out at almost 2,000kg of tomatoes a minute – about the weight of a car…

The fight usually lasts for an hour, after which everything is really messy! Local fire trucks come and hose down the streets to remove the tomatoes.

It might sound silly but because the acidity of tomatoes is so high, it actually leads to everything becoming very clean!

There are some simple rules behind the event, which include squashing the tomatoes before throwing them so you don’t hurt others.

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It all started in 1945 when some young people just decided to hold a food fight near a tomato stall.

The next year, they did it again, and again, and again…

Although it was banned in the 1950’s, it’s been going on pretty much every year since!

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