Spider-Man The Complete Collection Out Now

Spiderman-Box-SetHere at Fun Kids we’re not too keen on spiders, but we do like Spider-Man!

And they’ve just brought out a a new box set called Spider-Man the Complete Collection where you can see over 21 hours of spider action!

There’s 5 series in total to watch starring Peter Parker as he tries to save the world while also leading a normal(-ish!) life.

The show has got all the best baddies, like Dr Octopus and the Green Goblin, plus a whole bunch of new enemies that Spider-Man has to defeat.

But not only does Peter have to deal with a bunch of evil enemies, he’s also got the small matter of the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson, disappearing!

So if you want to find out what happens, make sure you check out this Spider-Man Box Set.

Spider-Man The Complete Collection is out now!