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Stampy Cat has a new channel called WONDER QUEST. There are two parts, “Wonder Quest” and “I Wonder”. The first episodes premiere Saturday April 25! Subscribe so you don’t miss a single Stampy moment! ►

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Adam Clarke as Wizard Keen ►
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“Wonder Quest” is an all new minecraft adventure taking place in the land of Wonderberg. When the evil wizard Heinous, played by ShayCarl, destroys the magical wonder gem, Stampy is summoned to save the day. He teams up with the good wizard Keen to find all the missing wonderments and restore wondering to the town. Can Stampy and Keen stop Heinous and his two evil henchmen, Flunky and Lackey? Or will Wonderberg lose it’s wondering forever? Find out on this season on “Wonder Quest”!

“Wonder Quest” guest stars iBallisticSquid, Captainsparklez, EvanTubeHD, StacyPlays, and Dodger. The original minecraft maps were built by The Voxelbox and Johan “Dragnoz” Kruger.

“I Wonder” is the first fully animated Stampy experience! See Stampy and Keen investigate how the world works. Watch as they build new inventions, embark on new adventures, and try their best to stop those hilarious henchmen, Flunky and Lackey.