Star Wars Rogue One brand new trailer!

We've got a good feeling about this...

cuo5vtnwaaacnecThe new Rogue One trailer is here! The new Rogue One trailer is here!

Since the amazing Force Awakens we are desperate to get our hands on ANY new Star Wars movie news and today we’re in luck!

The next movie to take place in a galaxy far, far away is called Rogue One and it comes to cinemas on December 16th.

It’s set before the original movies and shows the Empire growing stronger and stronger.

The movie sees a band of Rebel fighters come together to steal the plans for the Death Star before it’s too late.

In the latest trailer there’s a lot to digest!

You learn more about Jyn Erso’s past, where Rogue One got their name AND there’s a glimpse of a certain Mr Vader.

Check it out below…

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