Star Wars: Rogue One trailer LEGO style!

Could it be better than the original?

As you probably know by now there are loads and loads of Star Wars movies planned for the not too distant future.

Not only are we getting Episodes VIII and VIIII but there are going to be spin off movies too!

The first one of these is Star Wars: Rogue One!

It’s about a gang of rebel spies who are on a mission to stop the Death Star from being built!

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Now while it looks pretty awesome, how could it be made to look even more awesome?


That’s exactly what the team at BrotherhoodWorkshop have done, it took them just over three weeks to put together the LEGO version of the trailer but we think it’s well worth it!

Check out the trailer below…

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”1070023″]

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