Steve Backshall’s Predators – Out Now

steve-backshall-predators_220pxIf there’s one man who knows his stuff about wild and deadly animals then it’s Steve Backshall.

He’s the presenter of the cool BBC series Deadly 60 and Live and Deadly, and he’s taken time out from travelling the world exploring the animal kingdom to bring out a book all about the most lethal animals on the planet!

Predators is out now and is packed full of fascinating facts, cool photographs and often Steve’s own experiences coming face to face with these animals.

predators-image-2This book shows the tricks of camouflage, feats of strength, endurance, teamwork and speed, as well as looking at some of our planet’s endangered species and the species Steve Blackshall believes is the most perfect predator in the world!

Predators is written by Steve Backshall and published by Orion Books. It’s out now – click here to find out more

To give you a sneak peek into the kind of cool stuff in Predators, click the image below to find out about the Tiger Shark!