Sudan is the world’s last known male Northern White rhino!

…and that means the species could become extinct in the next few years.


The Northern White rhino is close to becoming extinct as there’s only five known left in the entire world!

And only one of the five is male – a 42-year-old called Sudan – which has people very worried, as if he dies without making a baby then the species will disappear!

Throughout history, many species have become extinct (like the dinosaurs) but it’s unusual for the situation to occur nowadays as conservationists try to protect those close to extinction.

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Unfortunately, they’ve struggled to protect the Northern White rhino as the species has been hunted down by poachers, who will try to get the rhino’s horn – at any cost!

To try and stop this happening to Sudan, special measures have been taken in Central Kenya – including a dedicated security team, working 24 hours a day – but sadly it might be too late for the species.

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