Take part in World Maths Day

If you take three apples from five apples, how many do you have? How many 9’s between 1 and 100? What is 25 cubed?

We don’t have a clue! However, if you know the answers then you may want to get involved in World Maths Day taking place on 1st March.

All day over 5 million students from 218 countries will all be taking part in World Maths Day challenge.  Over the day they will be battling it out in live interactive games to do with maths, all hoping to end the day in the Hall of Fame!

Everyone can get involved with all the games taking place online and there’s loads of different levels to suit you.

You will also be able to take part in the world record attempt of answering 1 billion questions! Don’t worry you don’t have to answer all of them yourself!

If you want to find out more and take part, then visit worldmathsday.com