Taylor Swift has been talking to sheep!

Cos’ I knew EWE were trouble when you walked in…


Big news right out of the farm today – Taylor Swift is not a fan of sheep!

Yep, the world’s loveliest popstar (official) isn’t quite ready to spread the love to the sheep populations – judging by this short clip she’s put up on Instagram!

It shows Taylor getting rather wound-up by a pack of pesky sheep who keep thinking she’s got food in her hands and are just generally bothering poor Taylor!

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And when Taylor tried to reason with them, saying “here’s the thing, when I gesture with my hands, these are gestures, it’s not food,” this lot were having absolutely none of it!

We’ve not got any beef (or should that be lamb?) with sheep personally but we get Taylor’s point: sheep can be kinda rude.

Important lessons from today: 1) Sheep are impossible to reason with. 2) Sheep are rude.

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