Tesco is selling Custard Cream biscuit Spread!

Does life get any better than this?

Tesco Custard Cream Spread

We don’t know about you but we’re getting kinda bored with the same old toast toppings.

Don’t get us wrong – butter, jam, honey, Nutella… they’re all great spreads but…

Well, after the 193,099th morning in a row, we’ve got a little bit fed up with them.

So along come Tesco with possibly the greatest invention in all of time and space…

Introducing… Custard Cream Spread!

Yep. Custard Cream actual Spread.

It’s the biscuit you love – in a spreadable form! Genius!

It’s £1.99 for a mahoosive jar and we are racing down to our nearest Tesco right away to get ours!

Toast will never be the same again!

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