When is thanksgiving and why is it such an important holiday in America?

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Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November and is a really popular holiday overseas! 

The event can be traced back to 1621 where people from England invited Native Americans to a harvest feast.

It’s all about spending time with family and friends and about showing how grateful you are.

It’s common to eat a meal similar to our Christmas dinners, consisting of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and more!

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American football is an important part of Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States, a tradition that goes all the way back to the 1800’s.

Parades also take place, with the world’s largest one happening in New York City right outside a store called Macy’s.

That’s been going since 1924 and features parade floats, scenes from Broadway plays, large balloons of cartoon characters, and school marching bands!

Whilst turkey is a popular choice on the menu, the President traditionally pardons a turkey, saving it from ending up on your dinner plate!

This year the turkey was called ‘Drumstick’ and was pardoned by the current President, Donald Trump.

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