The 3D expert from Pan talks to Fun Kids!

Expert advice from Chris Parks!


There’s a brand new Peter Pan movie in cinemas now!

It tells the story of Peter Pan growing up, meeting Captain Hook for the first time and loads more.

The movie is packed with loads of amazing 3D moments that were created by Chris Parks!

We got to catch up with Chris Parks and he had some great advice on how to start making your own designs and bits to look out for in Pan!

       Any tips on how children could get into 3D design?

These days, a lot of the decisions and design of 3D films comes out of the Post Production and VFX department. So look to begin with work experience at a specialist Post Production Company as a good place to start. 

But 3D is also about creating exciting ways to tell stories in a new way, and a good book that really explains this clearly is 3D Storytelling by Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally. This book will give you the basics to start thinking about your own 3D projects.

       Favourite five 3D moments to look out for in ‘Pan’.

Pan has a lot of really exciting moments that come to life in 3D, but in particular – look out for:

 The Trampoline Fight

The Pirate Ship flying over London

The Never-Birds and Never-Crocs! 

Peter’s journey to Neverland


Peter’s escape from Blackbeard’s Prison!

Watch the trailer for Pan below…

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