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They may be baddies, but these dudes are still pretty cool! MEGA reveals the five most awesome villains from Star Wars.


Kylo Ren

Weapons: Crossguard lightsaber

Top skill: Force control

Following in the footsteps of his granddad, Darth Vader, Ren’s got mad lightsaber skills and a scary voice!


Darth Maul

Weapon: Double-bladed lightsaber

Top skill: Acrobatic combat

Like some kind of terrifying alien ninja, Darth Maul had a double-bladed lightsaber, sharp horns and epic red and black skin!


Darth Vader

Weapon: Lightsaber

Top skill: Force choke

He came good right at the end, but this Sith Lord was the most fearsome fiend ever to cruise the galaxy. You don’t mess with Vader!


Boba Fett

Weapon: Blaster rifle

Top skill: Hunting people

The deadliest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett will capture anyone if the price is right – even Han Solo!



Weapon: Standard blaster

Top skill: Following orders

These troopers with wicked armour will charge straight into battle for their evil master with no fear at all!

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