The Z – A Guide to Earthlings!

Alien Schoolboy is a great series of books, all about an alien who is on Earth disguised as a school boy.

And now there is a brand new book in the series called Z – A Guide to Earthlings!

Flowkwee, the Alien Schoolboy, has written this guide for all of his friends on his distant home planet Faa. In fact, it’s so distant, you could say it’s Faa Faa away.

The guide is to help his Flowkwee’s friends understand the confusing and strange human ways that he has to live with.

He talks about how clever ants are and how humans don’t appreciate them enough. Then he goes into detail about a piece of clothing called a ‘Jumper’ that doesn’t even move – let alone jump!

The book was written by Flowkwee and then translated from Alien to English by Ros Asquith.

This is a really funny look at the world through the eyes of an alien!

The book is also crammed full of funny pictures that will make you chuckle!

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