Throw a Halloween sleepover – Celeb Style!

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Your fave pop stars show you how to have a night(mare) to remember!


Freak fancy dress!

Dress up in a cool costume and give each other a monster makeover. Try something easy like a cat, tricky like a zombie, or glam like Rita Ora did. She posted this picture online saying “Happy Halloween! Living the Barbie life!”


Magic potion!

The Little Mix ladies tried a levitating spell at their sleepover. Someone lies on a bed, then according to Jesy: “You have to rest your hands under the person you’re going to levitate and say, ‘Light as a feather and stiff as a board’, over and over again.” So did it work?! Leigh-Anne swears it did, but Jesy says not!


Scary movie!

You don’t really want to watch films that’ll give you nightmares, but luckily there are lots of spooky films that will make you giggle. Selena Gomez enjoys curling up in front of a silly spooky movie. “I love getting scared watching really cheesy films!” she spills.

one-direction-press-no-zayn-2015-billboard-650 (4)

Trick or treat?

If you want to trick your friends, you’ll probably need to plan your prank before they arrive. Will your prank be naughty or nice? Niall once had his car wrapped up in toilet roll by Louis and Harry. Niall called it, ‘Modern art!’ Luckily he didn’t loo-s his temper!


Games with bite!

Have you tried getting an apple out of a bucket of water using only your teeth? See who’s the quickest out of your friends!

Zoella and her bro ThatcherJoe have a go here!


Gory stories!

If you’re all in the mood for ghost stories see who can come up with the scariest one! Perrie says: “I believe in ghosts. Our last flat was haunted! Things would go missing, and one room was freezing!” Jesy adds: “I was in the kitchen and the radio was on and then it went completely quiet and then it went off. So we left!” Spooky stuff!

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