Top ways to celebrate International Bacon Day 2017!

September 2nd will always be in our hearts.

There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t taste better with bacon!

Chocolate covered bacon, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon wrapped sausages, bacon flavoured chapstick…

…bacon jam, bacon mayo, bacon, bacon, BACON!

September 2nd is International Bacon Day, a day dedicated to bacon-y goodness around the whole wide world.

This is easily one of the tastiest holidays you can celebrate, period!

Start by going to an all you can eat breakfast place that has bacon on the menu…

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Then you can head on out to your fave lunch stop and get a bacon treat, like cheeseburgers with extra bacon!

Places in America are making bacon shakes, so you should probably get one of those too…

Once you’re done, wipe your hands with bacon-scented wet wipes and apply some bacon-flavoured lippy!

Hope in a grown up’s car (one that has a bacon-scented air freshener, obvs) and then go to the supermarket.

Stock up on all the bacon you can so you can have bacon sandwiches for the rest of the day.

And don’t forget to grab some Ben and Jerry’s Bacon Flavoured ice-cream whilst you’re there!

Oh, and you’ll be paying for it all from your bacon wallet, duh!

Settle down in front of a movie with some bacon popcorn and a… a bacon Diet Coke?!

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Okay, we’re getting a little silly now…

But seriously, it’s International Bacon Day and it only comes once a year, so make the most of it while you can!

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