Tourists banned from climbing Uluru/Ayer’s Rock in Australia from October 2019.

The people who look after the rock voted for the ban.

There’s a huge landmark in Australia known locally as Uluru. It’s a large sandstone rock in the middle of a desert – sort-of like the Grand Canyon, but reversed!

You might know it as Ayer’s Rock and it’s soon going to have a ban that stops tourists from climbing it.

Over 400,000 people visit the rock every year because of its history and natural beauty.

Just over one-third of all visitors climb Uluru and it takes about an hour to get to the top. It’s slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

However, a team of people who look after the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park voted to stop tourists climbing the monolith as the site is a sacred place to Aboriginal Australians.

The people who live at and look after the site have been asking tourists to not climb Uluru for a while. This is the first time that’s going to be legally recognised.

“It is an extremely important place, not a playground or theme park like Disneyland”

That’s what one member of the National Park’s team said.

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Uluru is home to a number of natural springs, caves, and ancient paintings from more than 10,000 years ago!

It’s thought that the climbing might be damaging the rock and could be upsetting people who view it as sacred.

Climbing will be banned from October 2019.

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