Transformers 5 news… Megatron returns!

He's got a new look for The Last Knight!

Just in case you didn’t already know. Let’s have a quick recap…

There’s a new Transformers movie on the way!

It’s called The Last Knight and we have to wait until June 23rd 2017 to see it in cinemas.

Not a lot was known about the film until very recently when the director Michael Bay put this teaser online…

So it looked like a bad guy was going to return to the franchise. But who could it be?

Step forward, Megatron!

It may have looked like Optimus Prime had seen the last of the Decepticon in The Dark Of The Moon but Megatron is back and he means business.

Not only is he back for the new movie but he’s got an all new look too!

There he is!

We don’t know loads more about the movie right now other than Megatron’s return. So keep checking Fun Kids for all the latest Transformers news!

Here’s one of our favourite scenes from the last film…

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