Try the toy before you buy!

Bandai Aurasma Toy FairSometimes there can be so much packaging around a toy that it can be hard to see just whether we would actually enjoy playing with it!

So we thought we’d let you know about a cool bit of technology Bandai have made that lets you see fully formed 3D models from box packaging, allowing you to examine every bit of the toy before you buy it!

All you need to use is a smartphone and the toy will be projected from the box – now that’s futuristic!

Bandai have teamed up with Aurasma to turn this idea into reality and it was launched for the first time this past month using Lion-O from ThunderCats and Ben 10 action figures.

To see the Aurasma-enabled Bandai toy box in action, check out the video below.

You can download the app from the App Store and Android Marketplace.