UK Village uses Poo for Energy

hatheropThis may sound a bit crazy, but the small village of Hatherop, in the Cotswolds, is soon to be powered entirely by poo!

This story might smell a bit funny (pardon the pun!), but it is possible to take the gas released from waste and turn it into energy. And this is exactly what a biogas plant is doing – taking waste from farm animals and using the coverted energy to power the village.

And that’s not all! The liquid left over, after the gases are taken, can be used by farmers as cheap fertisliser.

cow-pooThis is currently just a trial but is actually very exciting as this method is incredibly good for the environment. It uses naturally rotting waste, it doesn’t produce green houses, provides natural fertiliser and will basically never run out.

So even if you may turn your nose up at it, poo could soon very well be what makes the world go round!

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