Union J better than One Direction?


Union J recently signed a record deal and the boys are very proud of the songs they’ve got so far!

The X Factor contestants have been bragging that the songs they’ll be releasing are better than One Direction! Pretty big words boys.

When JJ was asked about One Direction‘s songs he said “I do genuinely think we have better songs”.

One Direction

Union J seem to think that they’re in some sort of boy band battle as Josh said “It’s not just D3 we need to compete with – there’s The Wanted, Lawson, 1D and JLS!”

They’re clearly getting very competitive. It’s just pop music lads, not a game of Monopoly. Although if it was, The Wanted would definitely be the tatty boot on Old Kent Road.

The Wanted

Who’s your favourite boyband out of One Direction, The Wanted, Union J, District 3, JLS and Lawson? Let us know in the comment box below!

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As Union J haven’t released a song yet, here’s a video of the guys on the X Factor…

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