Unpublished Terry Pratchett novels destroyed by steamroller!

The roller is the same weight as an elephant!

Sir Terry Pratchett is one of Britain’s most loved authors. He’s written over 70 books, most of them in a fantasy series called Discworld.

Sadly, Terry died in 2015 but he had a very strange last request! He asked that his computer be flattened by a steamroller!

A hard drive containing all of his unpublished work – including ten more books – was run over earlier this week.

A six-and-a-half tonne, tractor-looking machine rolled over the equipment. That’s the same weight as an adult elephant…

Some people are sad they’ll never get to read those last few books but most people are laughing because it matches Terry Pratchett’s style of humour.

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The crushed hard drive is going to be displayed in a museum as part of an exhibit on his life.

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