Use the iPad as a Racetrack for your Toy Cars!

disney-app-mates-cars2We’re always on the hunt for cool toys and this one definitely fits the bill. Disney are launching a new line of toys that can turn the Apple iPad into a game board!

The series is going to be called Disney Appmates and the first game lets you plays with teh characters from Cars 2.

So how does it work? By placing a miniature car – like Mater – onto the iPad screen you’ll create  a bond with the game so as you move the car across the screen, the game will react – now that’s cool!

You’ll get to skid, beep and scare tractor cows! Or just drive around and explore the world of Radiator Springs.

And then if you get bored of the iPad screen, take the cars on a journey around your house!

The game will be made available at the start of October so if you’re a fan of Cars or just like cool games then it may be worth checking out this game.

However, if you don’t have an iPad then it may be a rather expensive way of playing with your toy cars!