Venus Jupiter conjunction: See Venus and Jupiter align in the sky!

See the photographs below!

Despite being separated by millions of miles, Jupiter and Venus rose together today.

That meant people looking up at the sky before sunrise had a chance to see both planets.

When two things in the solar system make a close approach to one another, this is known as a conjunction.Β It also occurs when a single solar system body gets near another object in the sky, such as a star.Β 

It’s quite rare for this to happen so loads of people got up early to take photographs and share their thoughts!

Stargazers in the UK will get over an hour of viewing time before light from the Sun hides the planets.

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If you missed it today, you’ll have one more chance tomorrow morning!

The planets should be visible for more than an hour depending on viewing conditions.

Those hoping to watch the display are advised to find a high spot with a clear view.

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