VOTE: Have you seen BBC’s Blue Planet II?

It's so popular in China that it slowed down their internet!

You might have seen Blue Planet 2 on TV recently. It’s a documentary series that explores our oceans.

Scuba divers, cameras attached to drones, and even mini-submarines have all been used to get footage with some people calling it the best documentary ever made!

It’s on TV now in the UK but people abroad can watch it online. It’s actually so popular in China that it slowed down the internet…

Just after every episode airs in the UK, it’s uploaded to something like YouTube and Netflix called Tencent Video.

Over 80 million viewers in China rushed to download the latest episode, a boost so large that it temporarily slowed down the country’s internet.

The slowness didn’t last too long, with services returning to normal quickly after.

“With the fast growth of cities, many Chinese, especially younger generations, want to reconnect with the natural world.”

That’s what Kelvin Yau told a the Sunday Times newspaper, adding that Blue Planet was attracting families who watch it together.

The first episode of the series was the third most viewed show of the past five years – beaten only by the 2014 World Cup Final and last year’s Great British Bake Off!

Have you seen Blue Planet II?

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