Watch Charlieissocoollike helping with the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign!

This video is all about Charlie McDonnell finding out about the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.

Charlie makes loads of cool YouTube videos and wanted to show all his fans the things that Enough Food For Everyone IF could change.

The point of the campaign is simple. It’s to try and stop people going hungry.

All over the world people can’t get as much food as they need and this makes them very poorly.

Enough Food For Everyone IF is trying to make sure that the leaders of the richest countries in the world take notice and do something about the hunger in the world.

Check out this video to learn more…

You can help out too!

Click here to get an IF wristband and show people you’re supporting the campaign. Then when anyone asks you about it, you can tell them all about IF and spread the word.

There’s loads of other ways to help out like Charlie is too. Click here to check them out!

How are you going to help out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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