Watch Ed Sheeran get hit on the head by a conker!

Well, this looks rather painful, doesn’t it?


Ed Sheeran has just popped up a lil’ video on Instagram that shows him accidentally hitting himself on the head with a conker!

Poor Ed was just trying to play an innocent game of conkers with his pal but did a shot *so* good that the conker in question did a 360 degree loop and whacked him on his noggin!

The whole thing was filmed in sllllloooooowwww mmmmoooootttiiiooooon so you can get a proper good look at the fatal moment!

Playin conkers can be fatal

A video posted by @teddysphotos on

Ouch! Get a pack of frozen peas on that, pronto!

The big question here though is where’s he even finding these conkers?! In April!?

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Sheer-ly you want more of Ed?

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