Watch kids take charge in Olly Murs’ Grow Up official music video!

Olly Murs needs to Grow Up!

Olly Murs has unveiled the music video for his new tune Grow Up!

Olly’s a busy popstar so he’s put some kids in charge for making the video instead!

And, well, it’s not exactly gone to plan… as Olly soon finds out!

The video starts off OK before the camera zooms out and you can see someone’s put the letters in the wrong order and spelled SLLY MURO!

Here’s Olly consulting with the producer…


…getting his make-up done before the shoot…


…trying out some of the backstage catering…


…and having a go at learning the dance routine!


The video looks like it was super fun to make – how cool would it be to direct a music video!

The song is all about growing up so it makes sense that kids were running the show!

olly-murs-grow-up-video olly-murs-grow-up

You can download Grow Up on iTunes now – just click here!

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