Watch the Lemonade Mouth Official Trailer

lemonademouthcover041111We’re getting pretty excited about the new Disney movie Lemonade Mouth. And if you like High School Music or Camp Rock then you should be getting excited too!

Out on the Disney Channel this September, Lemonade Mouth is all about five high school students who form a band when they meet in detention.

As the new friends learn more about each other, they all realise it’s time for the students of Mesa High School to stand up and be heard — all students, not just the popular athletes who benefit from Principal Brenigan’s support of their extracurricular programs.

B121209_D_2371ut not everyone in the school is ready to welcome a new band – the school’s popular rock group, Mudslide Crush, are determined to maintain their status as the school’s leading entertainment choice!

Last week we showed you the video for Lemonade Mouth‘s anthem ‘Determinate’, and now we’ve got our hands on the official trailer!

Check it out and let us know what you think – could this film be as big as High School Musical?

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